CNS 200 Trend M-F (VN)

  • Product details

    Application • This freestanding convector heats the indoor air evenly and silently. It is easy to operate and versatile in use, for example in small guest rooms or recreational rooms that are only used sporadically. • Thanks to the high heating output, the required heat is available quickly.

    Convenience features • The preferred temperature is steplessly adjusted via a mechanical rotary selector. • The freestanding convector has a high quality, stainless steel tubular heater with steel fins in a robust metal casing. The operating controls, including the omnipolar ON/OFF switch, are easily accessible on the top and on the side panel.

    Installation • The appliance is delivered complete with power cable with fitted plug. It is equipped with stable feet; the integral castors and the handle make it easy to move around. • The frost protection setting prevents frost damage at low temperatures.

    Safety • The freestanding convector offers the greatest possible operational reliability thanks to the built-in pendulum switch and integral residual current device (ELCB). The appliance switches off automatically if it tips over. • The integral safety temperature limiter protects against overheating.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 205911

    Power supply: 1/N ~ 220 V

    Connected load: 1,83 kW

    IP rating: IP 24

    Colour: alpine white

    Height: 546 mm

    Width: 738 mm

    Depth: 289 mm

    Weight: 8.00 kg

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