• Pre-filters for whole-house usage

    Improves the water quality by removing dirt and contaminants from the inlet water with extra large and durable filter media. 

    An effective whole house solution to contaminations to municipal and fresh water supplies

    A pre-filter can play an important role in preventing dirt, sand and other large particles from entering your home’s water supply and potentially damaging the fine moving parts and the water softening media inside your water softener.  A pre-filter will also protect the appliances and fixtures in your home.
    Pre-filters are disposable, affordable, and easy to use. It is installed at the point from where the water enters the home, also known as point-of-entry.
    STIEBEL ELTRON pre-filter is available in Point of Entry (whole house) and/or Point of Use. With the household located in the location with water problems, these would assist you and your family for the greater quality of water.

    Good reasons to enjoy your home comforts

    Comfort through safe technology